Last night

The place is full of WHITE

Making the whole area very BRIGHT

Even without any lights, i can see all of them flashing under the Moon Light.

Laser beaming on above

Queens dancing down under

Even i close my eyes, i can see all the dancing queens diving into the SpotLight.

For once i do not known, the sorrow and torment in my heart

What do i yearn for, what do i expect and what am i going to do for someone in my heart.

I feel so down, i feel so sad. Im frustrated with my mind.

He give me a new hope, i gave him my whole life

i don’t expect anything much, but only Him to be there for me

Whenever im down, whenever i cry.

I only hope for a simple life

Without much up or down in the path ahead.

I pray hard, prayed that the same rules applies to my lovelife

For He is someone that is worth me to give my life

Looking left and look to the right

Queens, queer, LK, LT, LKK, LKT, LTK and DOM everywhere

Don’t look to my side, don’t look into my eye

All of you does not register in my books of life

My eye will burn those worthless beings with the raging flame from Hell.

Don’t doubt my words, don’t ever try

For regret once is not an option but forever  for eternal life