Last night, my left eye went swollen and itch.

Took off my contact lens, applied a droplet of EYE MO,

But it doesn’t help.

My bloodshot eye becoming more itching and tears starts to flood my nose,

Using tissue wipe to clean, wipe to dry

But it still flowing out like a running tap.

Tolerated for the whole day,

Went to see a doctor around the corner.

He applied medicine to my eyelids, washed my eyeballs using purify water.

Now my tears don’t flood anymore, but my enlarge balls still hanging

I looked like a dead fish (EYES POKING OUT).

After a restful night, my condition gets better.

Eye balls size back to normal (into a size smaller than a nut)

No more flooding (Of coz lah, now dry season already)

hopes that this coming weekend i can still put on my contact len

I don’t wanna wear spec to town/find friends.

COZ I LOOK UGLY WIF SPEC (look like a nerd)