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Your Inner or Soul’s Urge:
You desire big affairs and the power to handle them, with success in all material matters. You love organization, construction, finance, and the huge operations of the commercial world. Happiness, for you, is doing things in a big way, getting results. You are generous, large-minded, powerful, and dependable; a natural executive.

You have courage and poise, with the vision, strength, efficiency, excellent judgment, stamina, and determination to succeed. When struggling against opposition you are confident of victory.

Your ability to see the true potential in others may make you seem dominant and exacting; but you never spare yourself, either. You are a power for good. However, if you seek money and control purely for selfish reasons, they will tend to elude you.

For more success and better control, cultivate justice and toleration for the weaker and less efficient.

Your Personality
Your thoughts are often on others and their needs, especially those close to you, and this is observed through your projected personality. You are seen as one who is responsible, in service to others, and trying to establish emotional harmony. Sometimes you are seen as a fatherly or motherly type. It is observed that you are capable of deep affection and sacrifice.

When meeting new people, you tend to be either suspicious or gullible, sometimes switching between the two in succession. When threatened emotionally, you can be seen as defending yourself to near irrationality.

You enjoy good clothes of good material, and like to be comfortably dressed. To enhance this personality, you should always be well-dressed and give thought to the way you look, rather than giving it the lack of importance or carelessness as is your tendency. 

Your Destiny or Ultimate Goal:
Your destiny is to promote the idea of liberty for all; knowing that happiness cannot last without the right to be free. You know progress comes through change, by entertaining new ideas and trying new methods. Your destiny includes helping people live life more fully and with more joy. You are versatile and clever.

You are comfortable interacting with people of diverse races and backgrounds, a natural lecturer or teacher, an artist with written and spoken words, and capable of understanding many different viewpoints. You insist on having freedom of action and speech. Your life changes often, sometimes unpredictably, and you enjoy it because each change brings new opportunities to understand and absorb yet more aspects of life. You love travel and the open spaces, and you have the best opportunities to succeed in occupations that have those qualities and also bring you in contact with people, including sales, acting, speaking, teaching, commercial artist, legal fields, or as a writer or editor.

You are striking, attention getting, entertaining, and find it easier to move about than to make permanent associations with people or undertakings.

Your Life’s Path:
Your path is along the lines of expressing self-reliance, individuality, and the proper expression of will.

You may have been born into a family with domineering, interfering, or unyielding parents. Be that as it may, there probably was tension and conflict of will during your growing up years.

Your life is strewn with challenges and opportunities to express your will, your independence, and your initiative.

You are a leader, strongly individualized, and demand the right to think and act according to your own ideas and convictions. Originality, invention, will power, and courage are native to you. You have keen perception and good concentration.

Be wary of any tendency to start a project, then becoming bored with it and starting a new project before completing the first. Develop your body, mind, and spirit to the highest point of efficiency. Refuse limitations. Cooperate without losing your individuality.

You seem to complete tasks better when left alone. Promotion to positions of leadership come easier to you than to some people, especially if you make yourself invaluable wherever you find yourself. Ambition is a significant driving force.