Had a horror dream recently.

The sky is filled with alot of people flying around.
Im in the sky too, with dragon wings attached on my back.All the people seems to be chasing after a gal
But looks like everyone of us are competing with one another.
They don’t care about each other and in fact bring down everyone

I managed to avoid all of them.
The gal dived down in front of a door, so do i
The gal pushed open the door and went inside.
I chased after her but just when i was about to open the door.

i turned back and saw a pool of water infront of another door behind me.
The pool risen up and form a jelly-like figure of the gal i chased after.

i dashed to the water-body and hold onto the waist.
But the water-body seems to ignore me and passed through my arm.
Soak into the door and disappeared.

I push the door open, its a female shower room.
All the ladies didn’t scream, but the water-body is already at the other side of the room.

After which i black out and come to a bar.
There are alot of people behind me joining me drinking and laughing.
One Boy  opened up a box and asked me.

B ” The gal died when she landed or she died in the door.”

Alot of people behind me encouraged me to chose the latter answer, so i obliged.
The Boy handed me something wrapped in bandages
Those people behind me can’t see whats inside maybe because of the dim light.
But i saw it clearly, it is a dry corpse of a little baby.

” Both eyelids are close, the teeth is crooked and showed out.
The hands of the body is crossed, palm facing in slightly stretch out.
The whole body is dry, very dry like salted fish, the body color is dark grey.
The body is very dry, almost like ash”

I was very scared and talking to myself in heart, this baby better don’t move or anything like that.
But in fact the child suddenly moved, and cried out loud creepily,
The mouth moving with the eyelids opening up.
Its both hands is stretching out towards me.

I suddenly woke up…