Last night after i went to bed, i dreamt something unusually.

Its not something i dreamt before, its not someone i met before.

In this dream, i was going through a training with an old monk.
(Training which are more into spirital stuff like meditation, talking-and-answer)

And during the whole time, i was wearng a cap all the time.

And i didn’t seems like to take off the cap(i think the cap can’t take off, its stuck in the ear)

And i got problem looking at the Teacher, always have to pull my cap high up everytime.

I didn’t manage to remember all the things we had talk about
(I know we are talking, but i forgotten already)

I only remember the last part.

Then i look back at him, hoping for a concrete answer.
He replied “如果你想要知道缘在何处,就照我讲地做。

I was puzzled after i woke up in the morning, wondering what is the dream about.
Scratching my head and blur.
Can someone enlighten me?