This evening is great, attended a Choir concert wif BB at NUS Cultural Center.
The title of the event was “Passion for Music” (or ‘of’?? Not very sure also).
Well, regards to the performances i got onli one word to descripte it.
As simple as that, i believe alot of ppl attended the event as well.
( i can see there’s alot of AJ at the place)
But truely saying from the heart, the best part of the concert will be the part where the Instructor
performanced. Her voice really can tremble the whole place.

Stay home for the whole day, eaten noodle and soup for my lunar birthday.
Now please everyone wish me happy birthday!!! (Juz joking)
After tat both of us went to PS to catch a show
Title: “The Hills have Eyes 2”
Bloody hell, made my stomach upset the whole night after the show.
Cant take it, last time can see bloody scene, ever real life is small case to me
but now cant take it so easily, haiz… must be my age catching up wif me.
Lao loh!!!!