First time ever in the relationship with Baby,
I felt so lonely and so bored during my weekend.

On friday, personally send Baby over to the other side of the sea.
The place is still same as last time I stay there,
No change at all.

Upon leaving the damn place, my heart is ripping apart.
Always look back to the corner where Baby is sitting,
Hoping that Baby will look back and give me a smile.
But that didn’t happen at all, maybe this is better for both of us.

On the sat, my feeling is still okie.
I called out one of my close friend and we went out jalan jalan
From Causeway Point to Suntec City.
On the very night, the clock struck 2100hr.
Im holding on my handphone waiting for the ringing tone to sound.

Talking to Baby over the phone really ease my heart,
Knowing that Baby is doing fine makes me feel so relief.

Sunday is the most dreadful and long day for me.
Spend the whole day from morning till evening
Playing GE (Granado Espada).

I feel really bored after a whole day of playing.
Intend to go out but everybody is unfree or tied down by fatigue.
Finally i decide to make a trip down to VivO, intend to step into Powerhouse
But my wallet is crying to me, so i cancelled the trip and head back home

That is part of the reason only.
The main part is,
While Im on the trip to Harbourfront Station,
Im actually waiting for Baby’s call
And i recieved the call eventually
I really MISS Baby!!!!

When i told him that Im actually on the way to St.James
Baby is actually abit disappointed
For me going without Baby’s presence.
I felt kinda sad too,
Every week Baby will be beside me, going to St.James together
And now Im all alone, HAIZ!!!

So therefore the final result is, I AM BACK HOME!!!
From monday onwards, I gonna DO something to my life routine
1.) Cut down all Carbo Intake
2.) Go for swimming/jogging every evening after work
3.) And cut down all Cig intake

To save my fatty belly and slimming wallet
Make both items status to switch over.

So therefore hopes that i can get some support from friends.
So this ends my entry.