Last night, waiting for Baby’s call.
Over the phone I can heard Baby’s sobbing over at the other side of the line

I can’t bear the pain inside my heart, so i spoke
“Baby, what happened?”
Seems like the upper management is pending to dismiss him from the company line
And make him join another batch, because of his BMI is slightly higher compare to the others.

Are they going to let Baby to waste 3months in the island
and let Baby do admin/storage/misc/weekends duties for the whole BMT phase?
And throw Baby to another place that which they claim ITS SUPPOSE TO BE WHERE HE BELONG?

This is UNFAIR!!!!
And now Baby’s Papa Sierra said that he will fight for Baby’s right
Talk to the Oscar Charlie and waiting for the approval.

I hope everyone can pray hard for Baby, coz I dun like such unfair things happen to Baby.
And so i Pray Hard and end the entry for tuesday.