Yesterday evening @ about 2130hr
Received the always waiting call from Baby

Upon the first question i asked over the line
Is to find out whether Baby is staying to carry on fighting
or OOC, then move on to the next batch.

The answer is negative
And the Order is not just from Oscar Charlie alone
It came directly down from the Charlie Oscar, a much bigger ‘Bamboo SHOT’

So therefore the stage is set, no one can’t do anything at all
Even from the help of Papa Sierra, Papa Charlie, and OO
Hearing Baby’s crying and his sore voice over the line
I really don’t known what to say
I can only comfort Baby telling him there are always positive sides
Look at the positive way.

But his crying make my heart pain.
I really hope 29th June can come faster
I really hope I can hug Baby and give him my shoulder
I really hope this torrent of sorrow can be transfer to me so Baby don’t have to be in suffering