Yesterday evening
Received a call from my SISPEC mate
Asking me out for dinner

I was like…
How come this guy got my contact?
Only my section mates got my number
How did he get it? (Just joking, all frenz in my sispec coy got my contact)

Meet up @ Bugis
Went to eat some simple dinner (gonna cut cost, broke already)
After that found somewhere and sat down
Chit chat about our sispec life last time
Talk cock and almost can sing song

After that, abit bored
so we make our way to Mustafa Center by foot
Seriously speaking, FIRST TIME going to MC
The whole place is fully equiped with items from everyday life to once a year thingy
so it actualli worthy to go down to get some good and cheap stuff
(despite tat there is alot of Black people, but dun care lah)

After that, went back home and sleep

Cant on my PC at all, Window XP cant even start
Most likely the Motherboard gone case liao
Wondering what happened to my motherboard
Anyway, the time till my PC is fix is long long far away form now
(Still broke)
But i will try to get friends to take a look first
then decide whether shall i buy another mortherboard and fix it back
And so thus ended my entry for tues on wed.

Remember to check out my portfolio,
Now busy wif my video and flash animation
If can, i will upload it too