29th June, Friday

Down with fever the previous night, woke up in the morning feel numb and strengthless
Decide to take MC for the day.
After claimed the MC from the doc
(Morning was hellish, gonna give alot of job allocation to my working buddies)
(End up one of them kena sacked, wondering whether it is my fault or not)
Went back home, take a short rest
Around 6pm, went up to Woodland
Went to Baby’s house waiting for Baby to come back from the island.
Till 9pm, i saw Baby walked into the house and i can’t help myself and hug Baby fully.
That night i hug Baby to sleep till the dawn. (Heehee)

30th June, Sat

Woke up rather late at around 12noon.
We went out to Orchard, jalan jalan.
We caught a movie @ Cine, “Surf’s Up”
A cute and well-done animation i must say
The idea of the show is not just like “Ice-age” or “The Wild”
It’s started with a interview and becomes the reporting crew filming down every single details of the main role.
NICE!!! Quite a new idea in the animation/movie area.
After the movie, we met up with our clan.
Maybe only half of them show up, but its fine.
(one of them got pre-arranaged program, so i give up)
(Another couple actually didn’t reply my sms at all, give me VERY VERY BIG AEROPLANE)
We went to Mind’s Cafe to have a few hours of brainless and money-making games.
I just mindlessly playing, so guess i realli cant play boardgames, (I rather DotA)

1st July, Sun

Both of us actually rot at home, until around 6pm
We went to Suntec to bought the fan for my mother.
After that rush back home, fix up the parts and washup abit
Have alot of fun with Baby over there.
Seeing Baby dancing and together with Baby really make my clubbing night full again
We danced till 230am, and left the place and went back home.
In the morning, 0700hr
Baby gonna goes to Singapore Discovery Center to book in.
And will book out on Thurs for his Grad Ceremony on Fri
Really cant wait for Baby at all

Wrong Things I Had Done:

I actually forgotten that 30th June is our 1st Annivasary to be together.
Baby was super mad at me for the whole Sat night.
Im really SORRY Baby.
I gonna do something to make up to Baby
Or else i sure kena ‘cut’