2nd July is really not a day for me, esp it is a monday
Maybe some of you can remember, 1st July is National Youth Day
So basically everyone from secondary/poly/jc actually get a holiday

And out of my expectation, primary school actually benefits from it
They get a holiday too, and the whole school teaching staff get a day off too
But for non-teaching staff, like general office staff and IT Trainer like me
We didn’t get it, gonna come back to school as usual to work.

Haiz… After a night of fun wif Baby at St James really drains me out
I was sleepy the whole day inside my small room in the computer lab.
But goodness is there’s no teacher or students disturbing me during the office hour.

After tat, went home for dinner
Rot ROt ROT ROT @ home
Really tired and no energy to move at all
So just stay home, rot and wait for Baby’s call.

Listen to his sweet voice really make my day sweet
No matter how much pain, i will go through thick n thin with Baby