Tuesday morning
Suppose to be @ work on 0730
I woke up @ 0700
Ran to fetch a cab and hurry down to TNPS
Suppose to take video using my DV cam
But the DV cam cant work, cant even start the power at all
Went to find another teacher and load his DV cam
Whole morning taking video
Worries for the video coz my hand actualli shakes alot during the filming

Afternoon intend to continue with my Flash Animation
Teacher-in-charge informed me,” There maybe some changes to the framework, i think u hold it there first”
Spend the last few days, draining my mental energy on the animation
Now tell me hold it there and wait for further instructions

Finally evening comes, knock off from work
Went to Tamp Stad and do my running
From 1800hr – 1930hr non-stop running on the track
Went back home around 2030hr
No one at home, got some rice and chicken feet soup
Take some as my dinner
@ 2230hr, meet up to my friends and go for running again
This time diff, one person cycling, another one roller blading
Im the onli one running on foot
So from Old Airport Rd we made our way to East Coast Park,
From one end to the mid and run back again

Now both of my legs are jelly
Think I had made my legs too tired
Tonite shall rest well, so tml can run more.
Thus this ends my entry for tuesday.