I will sum up all 3 days items into one now, since i got no more internet access at home
(Home PC motherboard gone case liao, maybe cant support the online game im playing,GE)

Actually this 3 days are doing the asme old thing.
Capturing video from tape to digital format.
But on thursday morning received a news that i need to get myself involved in the Granado Espada Online game video.

What is this about?
Play the game
Use the character created
Bring out the National Education message
Thru the 3D characters

And the output must be a short clip/video as long as 2min
I was like…. O_O
Why me?
Bcoz i itch mouth
Said that Im playing the game myself at home
And since i got video-editing background
This task or shall i say ARROW flies towards me
And the deadline is 20th July
2 weeks time, excluding weekends, i left 10days
Plus the fact tat kids are playing
I got less than 8days
Plus editing the video
I got only 6 days to complete the video taking
Plus solving the problem on how to capture the video image while playing the game
i left 5days
Plus the storyboard is super ‘GOOD’
I gonna use my own account to scout for settings and scenes for the video

I cant afford to let the kids play till high level
Coz i dun have the time

Other than this, i still got other projects to rush
And all this add up till to the point that I cant breath now.

One good point is i can play the game even im in school working
But bad point is, i really stress up alot
I even intend to fine online players to involve, to help in my video taking too
Coz the storyboard, i look thru
We need more than 20+ characters to move together.
In order to express the feeling of powerful army

SHIT LAH !!!!!
What can i do??? there’s nothing i can do but do the best i can do.
So i really hope, whoever seen this entry.
If you are also a player of GE
And u are rather free
Pls email to me, i need alot of people’s help

Other than the Ge thingy
One more thing to be happy about it
This week Baby book out on thursady for Graduation Ceremony
And Baby booking in on Sunday
So good, can spent more time with Baby liao
So Sweet!!!
Gonna work hard to achieve my dream as a graphic designer
If best, i wanna give Baby a good life after Baby’s 2year service.

So thus this end my entry for today
Will update on next monday.
C ya guys
Maybe can see u all @ SJ =]