This monday is realli out of my expectation.
While on the way to work
Mr R. actually called me and say:
” Luke, i got urgent leave today, so im leaving everything to u.”
“This morning 1030 got phototaking, later got computer club, later got free access, later got ur video project……”
I was like O_O
OKie, so i accepted and hope it turns out well

Since 1030 i leave my little room in the lab.
I never return until 3pm
And i got a few kids with me for the GE project
And i spend the next 2hr and half
Login onto my online game, Granada Espada
And taking video using Fraps
And th kids realli made my blood boils when they got a simple mind and simply ignore instructions

But got one compliments from the teacher-in-charge
“You are the key-person for this project, Thanks you very much.
U did play the game and noe how to control and get good effects out from the game.
If u leave it to us, i dun think we can do anything better than wat u did unless we pay a professional to do it with the kids.”
I was like…… -_-
Do u think i wanna let u noei did play the game if i noe this will be hell ???

So now still cracking my head over the online game n video.
Thus this end my entry for monday.
More hellish thingy up coming this week.
Sit back and wait to read my life.