This weekend really wasted…
On the friday, Baby went to MYP’s Graduation Ceremony
@ the night, i suppose to join Baby and friends for dinner and go over his house to stay over.
But my mother’s chanting made me give up that idea
And had to made Baby to come over my place instead.

On the sat, we went to Toa Payoh and had a short swim
Im getting old, swim a few laps can made me go on panting
Trying hard to rob other people’s share of oxygen in the air
After that we went back to CauseWay point
Met up with Baby’s Plat friend to get the PS2 game
‘Fatal Frame”
Seriously, i dun like to play such games
I would prefer to be a viewer than a player for games like this
We played the whole night till Sunday morning

Both of us fell asleep till 4pm
And Baby gonna book in @ 8pm
So send Baby to PP Interchange and see him board the bus in his uniform
After that went back home and sleep.

End the entry for the weekend.