Wasteful day
Running up and down the school building
Snapping pictures and postures
Of people acting and playing
My morning was ruin and torn

Later part of the afternoon
Granda Espada Online game
Taking videos and motions
Arguement flies in the air
Frustration boils in the mind
Tiredness flows in the body

Evening time when the sunset
Had jap dinner with Baby at Causeway
Bought 2 ticket for a show
Went back home and took a shower
Back to Causeway to view the show
Show title: “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”

Nice movie i can say
Eight upon Ten i will gift
Details were cut off to enhance on the main story’s points
Movie effects were good
The Evil and the Good
Order of the Phoenix
Dumbledoe’s Army
The Death Eaters

I would like to read the Book again
And raising $$ to buy the last book of Harry Potter
“Harry Potter and the Death Hollows”

Thus this end my entry for wednesday