Thursday. All effort down to drain

This morning woke up
With a pain in the wrist (right hand)
On the way to work
With a pain in the heart
Seeing Baby going back to his place where he must go
Looking at myself travelling to my place where I must hold
In the afternoon
Hunger to work extra hard on my GE video project
Extracting every single raw video into my HDD Hard disc (external)
On the last moment when i tried to start my work
A naive kid’s carelessness
Drop my HDD onto the floor and the device stop working
Furious and mad
I shouted to them at the top of my throat
Trying and trying
MY PCs cannot detect the HDD at all
Thus i lose my mood to work
Coz i face the risk of losing all my data and most importantly
My effort that I had place in for the past few monthsAnd therefore i end my thursday.

Friday. Painful in the wrist

Woke up in the morning
MY right wrist is in pain
Upon reaching the working place
My right hand swollen like a pig front leg
Unable to push
Unable to pull
Unable to work using my right hand at all
But still gonna endure the pain and perform for the day
Taking pictures during events
Using my hand to type when comes to work
Using my fingers to click when touching the mouse
Redo the videos to replenishs back the datas of the project lost

In the afternoon
My hand swollen and unale to move
Even swinging is inflict pain onto my flesh
so i rest for the other half of the day
Lock myself inside the lab room
Only work when comes to my role
Or else i will try to get someone to replace in other locations

Weekend. Healing, Repairing and “FISHING”

To cut things in short
Had a hard time to go through the pain that the doc gave me
By pushing my neck and back
Pushing back my vein back in line to heal my swollen hand
Had to spend a bomb to recover my HDD data
And repair my PC
This month sure eat grass everyday
Sooner or later gonna transform into a cow

Had a great time ‘fishing’ with my Baby in our own private space
Nothing more are to be said
Just don’t think so much.

So therefore i end my entry for the week.