Today is such a nice day
I got GE project to hand up on this coming friday
But I had lost all my data inside my HDD
And to recover all my data it needs around 700-800 bucks
That is definitely out of my mind if i agree to recover it back

So I gonna start my project from scratch
But I can’t do it alone
So i asked Baby to come over to my school to give me a hand
Problem #1: Supervisor do allow Baby aka strangers to come into the school without clearence
Problem #2: I asked General Office, the staff said just get a visitor pass from the security guard will be fine
Problem #3: After acquired the V-Pass, Supervisor warned me coz of security issue so I need clearance from
1. P
2. VP
3. HOD
4. General Office
So i need to bring Baby to see my HOD aka BIG BOSS to get her approval

But thank God she approved, but i think this action actually damaged my impression to my BIG BOSS
If you wan me to complete my project in time, then i need help
I can’t get help from the childrens, they only make the problem to be bigger
And if you don’t give me the amount of help I need
I gonna outsource the helping hands myself
If not, when the deadline comes and I can’t hand up the project in time
Whose fault???
Its my fault again.
Since either way I gonna be blame,
Why not i chose a way that benefits everyone in the end
At least i don’t have to answer to anyone about …
– Why you don’t seek our help?? (All of u so busy, somemore you all don’t play online game. Even i ask is no point)
– Why you don’t concentrate on your project? (Everytime got teacher comes in ask for help, can i reject?)
– Why you don’t ask for more time? (Its national competition, do you think its logical for them to give us the privilege?)

Really can’t make it (CMI)
This school’s management is really worse, until to the stage that it is at the same level as the Sierra Alpha Foxtrot

All thanks to Baby, we are able to capture all the videos before the end of the day
I really gonna thanks Baby and give Baby a big hug
Now i gonna concentrate on the video editing and source for music/sound effect to make the video
Hope and pray hard that I can complete it before Thursday.

Thus this end my entry for tuesday.