Asthma Attack
respiratory disorder characterized by wheezing; usually of allergic origin [syn: asthma]

WordNet® 3.0, © 2006 by Princeton University.

Talking of Asthma, most Singaporean bois and gals should understand since young times.
And some of the unlucky people in our community actually got such illness since very young.

On tuesday and wednesday I was on MC.
I believes that alot of people will envy me that i can get 2 days rest, away from stress and work.
But I would say that it is more stress and tiring than work actually.

Since monday morning
I had bad cough and wheezing sound from my lungs
But i wasn’t much care about it.
Coz since young I noe i had minor asthma, and every once or twice a year when the weather changes so frequently.
My lungs will go haywire, giving me problems in breathing and talking.
And it some times happens that i can stop breathing for as long as 10 minutes when i was sleeping.
(Baby told me that, he said he didn’t heard me snoring an my chest wasn’t moving like normal breathing)

So Tuesday morning i went to the clinic and visits the doctor.
He told me, my minor asthma ha blown-up and now my condition is really bad.
By listening to my lungs wheezing sound, he believes that my lungs are infected and i need to have a injection immediately.
Other than that, he hand me a Evohaler, the pump for asthma people.
And granted me 2 days MC.
And he actually advise me to tag my Evohaler everything, to work or to anywhere in case my condition/asthma attack again.

I was like O_O, “do i realli need this?”
He was like =_=   “you wanna collapse on the floor one day bcoz of asthma?”