It has been so long since i update my journal.
Main reason – Busy with work and such.
Nothing else, just like my Blood-Brother said before about me, I cant work without commanding, ordering and such things like tat, but once im focus onto a certain thing, i would be very concentrate and focus into it, i won’t heard any other things around me. Plus forgetting about time and space, meaning i can skip my meal until my own stomach ‘riot’ on its own. Lolxxxx.

Anyway, as the titile has shown.
My entry is about friendship.

When i was in Kindergarden level, one my classmate met a car accident and passed away.
AT that point of time, i did not understand the word ‘DEATH’ until i reached primary four (Pretty late compare to the others)
Until poly, my classmate (male) died during the holidays.
Cause – fell down from a tall building.
All of us including the lecturers were sad, most of us cried that day at the wake (i did not cry, but extremely sad)
And just 2weeks ago, i came upon the newspaper and saw my poly-mate’s picture on the front page.
He passed away due to vehicle accident.

Looking at this, made me go into deep thoughts.
Everyone, regardless of race and religion.
We like someone, become best friends
Relationship is normal, we become friends
We dislike someone, we become rivals
But no matter what, all these people that came into our life.
We known them for some reasons thus we become friends in certain level.
But the phase ‘DEATH’ never come to our mind.
Only when it happens, we will give in and cant do anything.

So i hope everyone including me, treasure the people around you.
No matter who they are, how great the level of relationship has built.
Because once ‘DEATH’ come and bring them away.
We won’t have another chance to do anything with them at all.

Dedicate this song, “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence”
One of my favourite song to all my friends
In the past, now and future.
No matter where are you, in terms of space and location and time
I will always remember you