Went to St James w/o any planning at all today.
Initial idea for the day, to meet up with Baby’s friends and shopping around Orchard area for CNY clothing.
Saw a short-sleeve plain white shirt at TopShop but seems like i got no chance to buy it,
Dun have the correct size for me.

Anyway, Baby spend a bomb on his new clothes, accessories and misc stuffs.
Bid goodbye to those poly-friends, meet up with Danial shortly after that.
Seems like he wanna club tonite so we join in with him.

Met up with our common friend, Gage at Robinson, Mac
all of us bought some drinks and chit-chatting until its time.
Went to St Jame, the crowd is really unexpected.

Both Baby n me thought that since CNY is around the corner
Sunday shall be another flooded condition, but seems like on thurs there is a CNY party
so turns out tonite is not so crowded, but truely i enjoyed myself.

Saw one of my camp-mates from Maju camp, its so long since i ever see him.
Really miss those days at NS in 6 Sir (Not those training period)
And after that, we take some drinks and dancing to the dance floor.

First time, since i had noe Chris and Danial for so many years (at least 7years each)
i saw them DRUNK in a club.
And both of them really mad boi, dancing like there’s no tomorrow.
Actually fact, im abit tipsy too, but i noe myself
“one more sip and im gone, better stop drinking”

LOLxxxx, but i noe them well, they maybe drunk
But their mind is still working fine, at least they can talk sense to me.
Via sms, mouth, or gesture.

Seriously, this Party is GREAT.
Really hope to go club with them again.
3 old man.
one with a young look (danial)
one with a fun mind (Chris)
one with an OLD FACE (me)