Year 2008, 31st March is the day im moving forward to Jurong Camp 2 for my first ICT aka reservist
This is my first year out from my 10year cycle of Reservist.
Went to In-Pro, read on the name list on the notice board.
Saw the NRIC number of each individual person, Im one of the few youngest Commanders.
Cause all the others are 3-10 years older than me.

This Resevist Unit actually now is in their 5th year.
I was one of the few person that was take in to fill up the empty slots within the battlelion
And this Unit is on high-key profile, taking A-tech through out till the last year.

After going through all the shitty training for 2 weeks.
I get to noe a few old man that realli gives me more knownledge regards on SAF/LIFE/RELIGOUS/HUMAN KIND

Anyway, i believes tat i gonna call them out on normal weekdays/end for short gathering.
I just went out jalan jalan with them, having fun crapping and talking shit all the way.

so tat’s all, more updates on thoughts about my surrounding n friends on tml.