Job Status

Just received the thick thick letter from MOE.
So damn fuc*ing excited when i see the letter (been longing for it)
The sentence that actually made me super happy is
“We are pleased that you have accepted appointment to Education Service as a General Education Officer (GEO) 2.2 (Untrained) on 1 to 1 half year contract (P) with the following subjects

(i) Curriculum Subject 1: Chinese Language (Primary)

Now just wait for the appointment briefing on
Date: 29 April 2008 (Tuesday)
Venue: Edutorium, Ministry of Education, Podium Block Level 4
Time: 0900hrs


Feelings and Hearts

Going through a week of fun (ya, got chalet, got ktv, got pub)
And seeing alot of stories flying around me.
And somehow or rather i can sense it, and by observing and listening.
It good enough to know what actually has happened just by using ears and eyes.
Now i realised one thing, my motto in my life is always correct,
“Follow the course of Nature”

Follow the course of nature, follow what FATE has planned for us.
What we can do is to fight against it or accept it.
Its all about choices and whether we regret about it or happy about the chose.
Now currently a listener to all the people outside who wish to have someone to talk to.
And a observer to see through all the events happened.
I dun talk, i onli listen n observe
For talking is not something i shall do.
Advise is something i can offer.

Friends around me

Looking at all my friends around me, whether is new, old, close, far-apart.
I learnt alot from them.
Someone is holding onto things that are already lost
Rebouncing from left to right, right to left.
Someone is lonely, need someone to hug, to talk, to kiss, to walk beside
Which up to some extend that friends really can’t help
Someone is down with some things that no one would expected it,
Pushing blames and fault onto others doesn’t help anymore,
And Im glad that someone knowns this fact.
Someone face the music and moving on with their life

But whatever it is, friends are a bunch of idiots on the same ship
We are sailing together, so therefore we will help one another.
And in terms of help, giving helping hands is not always the only option.
Stay one side and observe, and leave it for someone to take care is a better choice sometimes.
But please feel free to approach to me when u need help
Im just abit ugly, so you thought Im not a good person.
Dun judge a book by its cover =)

Drinking Capacity

Had been outside meeting my Pri, Sec, Poly, Army, ICT, AJ friends for drinking recently.
Then i realised that my capacity for drinking has definitely goes up much higher compared to the days last time.
Now i can even play drinking games and win some.
Making use of their highness and make them drink more.

So, this is all what i had for the past few days.
I will update more whenever i got new thoughts n ideas.
Everyone must take care themselves
And please always remember
Friends are not only for drinking, lunch, dinner, pool, swimming, clubbing.
We can borrow you our shoulders whenever you need to
We can borrow you our time and space whenever you need to