After so long, finally i get to see u.
Went back to home, u rest while i wash for you.
Evening at night u wanna PLAY, but i chose PLUS to drink.
Shortly after u came to PLUS, i was glad that u actually came.
When u left, me alone.
Together with your words and pain
I am angry on my selfish & playful act.

On the next day, we went out like normal
Movies plus lunch, we are together.
U got a dinner to attend so i went back home alone.
U met your gang and wanna go PLAY
I rather stay home and play my PSP
So u went till late night, while i stay awake for u to come back home
Since u didn’t hold my home key, i can’t left u alone outside.

On the last day, we went out for purchasing and movie.
Went back my home, we pack and ready for u to go back soon.
After u went off, i went back alone.
Feeling bored and lonely, i went to find my Brother without informing you.
Over the phone, u called me.
Over your tone, u are angry, u are sad,u are crying. I can hear.
U said u are tired
While do u know that Im tired too.
But i didn’t give up, im still trying.
Maybe not as hard as you expect.
But im still trying my part.