Saturday morning, under the shiny sun.
Went over to the Land of Wood, into B’s little house.
Clear up little stuffs, doing abit of housekeeping.
But my head suddenly went  haywire,blood is shooting into my brain
Pain and Pain non-stop, until to de point tat i vommited into the toilet bowl
Took two little white pill and went to rest, waiting for the time that B can reach back home.

When B is back, i was like half-asleep,
Address B to bath and i went back to rest.
B came to my side, and i placed my hand over his back.
Feel his back and scratch for him wherever his itchy.
I feel so happy and feel so blessed when his smiling to me =)

That night, we intend to PLAY. But B’s sisters are not around or not free
So we moved down to PLUS instead.
Whole Night, B is enjoying himself
Playing games,drinking,chit-chatting with friends and so on.
Went back to Land of Woods with a new friend of B’s (Tat guy took a hitch ride, along de way only)

For the next day, we are together happily
No arguement, no scolding to one another
Everything is so perfectly fine.

I will try my best to maintance this kinda of life.
LOVE U BABY !!!!! =D