Wake up in the morning, looking at my blank face on the mirror.
Really dead, machiem Zombie.

So intend to stay home whole day to rest.
Been recording music/songs from YouTube using my sound editing software.
Convert to mp3 format and transfer onto my handphone for personal usage.

Whole day i just wanna keep myself busy.
Dun wanna think too much things today.
Dun ever intend to think of anyone.

Later in the evening, i feel really bored.
So I actually called up my Al Di Di
See whether is he around and free enough to accompany this Boring Luke Da Ge of his @ Pasir Ris Beach
We met @ around 7+
Went for a simple dinner, and made our way to PRB
Have abit of conversation, all about different things and people around us.

Received a few calls from B, feel my heart is warmth when he call me.
But the moment he starts to ask alot of question, tireness and headache is rushing into my brain.
So @ about 11+, we made our way back to the bus-stop to take trip back home.
This are the 2 photos of Al Di Di i took for him during the bus trip back home =)

The one always wanna act CUTE!!!

And do you think his cute???