Yesterday night,
B went to town in the afternoon, informed me via sms.
B: “Mum ask me to tell u to have your own dinner. I’ll be home late also.”

Me: “Late? U going out?”

B: “Im outside.”

Me: “Oh. Alone?”

B: “Ya. Maybe meet fren later.”

So after work, i went wandering around East Coast Park
Walking alone, slowly along the shore.
I cant smile, i cant cry, i cant even think properly.
So i went back to woodland at 9pm, thinking that if B is shopping outside, should be back home by 10 or 11.

Reach home @ 10pm
House is empty, (read my previous entry)

At 1130pm, B smsed me
B: “I playing mahjong, Mum knows. Wont be back till tmr. Sleep Early.”

Me: “Suddenly play mahjong, ok. Enjoy and win big money.”

B: “No leh. Afternoon already decided and told mum.”

Me: “U only told me u go town, may see friend. Ok. Understand.”

B: “Ya. Mahjong only at night. That i forgot.”

I stay awake the whole night, chit chatting with my friends via msn
some asked me what happened, some telling me not to worry
some told try ways to patch back.

Whole night, i didn’t sleep.
Not even an sms from B, and i didn’t sms B too.
Until morning 9am, i went to work.
Until now, 1.20pm, B didn’t send a sms to me at all

I didn’t expect B to be aware that i will be waiting for the whole night.
But if u still care for the person that u deeply in love now or even before.
From the time 5th July 9am till 6th July 1.20pm.
I left B’s house for work, i didn’t saw B at all since then.
The only words that we crossed are the sms messages.
U would like at least sms to inform me whether u are safe or what.

Guess its time to disappear from B’s life.