12th August, Tuesday
Went to PLUS to drink with my Kor at night, late night in fact
We reached PLUS at around 11+pm

The normal routine, drink, play game, sing songs.
And there is this group of people ( i named it ‘The Drag’ ^^)
Their singing is really power, i dont dare to sing after them.
And the bloody ‘Cow’ actually dare to sing, and want me to sing with him together.
But shortly after that, i become myself.
Im not bother with whether my singing is good, but i just love to sing.

The night seems to be ok, but i intend to make myself HIGH using alcohol
But after almost half a bottle of Chivas, the kick n highness didn’t come at all.
So i carry on drinking and drinking.
But the next thing i realised…

Im outside, along the road.
Threw my specs hard on the ground.
I cant control my emotions at all.
The sorrow, the pain and the thoughts.
I was almost mad last night.

Haiz…. now gonna learnt how to control myself.
Or else it will be very ugly infront of so many people.
(thank God, last nite not much people)