Thursday Nite, went down to PLUS with my Kor.
This time i drank alot, all thx to my bad luck.
Play poker cards can have 8 glasses of drinks within 5min.

I was like O_O
So no choice loh, LPPL gonna drink.
Then very fast after tat i black out.

Ok, Im drunk so i dunno what had happened until the next morning
I sms Kor to find out.

Well, apparently my drunkan mode is not like previously
This time round i was CRYING
Just keep on crying, crying, crying and crying.
Kor’s sleeve is actually FULLY WET when he send me back home.
And i can feel tat my eyes is SWOLLEN the moment i woke up.

Well well…
Its not tat easy for me after all.
Since my heart n soul were all into this LOVE
so i need more time to heal.
Or maybe it wont even heal, who knows???
I also dunno ^O^