Yesterday evening went over to St James when my friend jio me down.
So since had not been in tat place for months, so i went to take a look.

Meet up with the group of guys, things are ok.
See new people, know new friends.
But i dunno what happened, I become a NANNY for 2 person.
Apparently, both of them drunk, one of them is almost sleeping off into the Neverland of no Returns.
Gonna take care of him, for like 1hr +++

The other guy, still outside butterflying, drinking although his already hanging.
But one thing tat really made me angry and my face black (MUCH MORE BLACK THAN CHARCOAL)
is the fact tat, the other person throw this person to the rest of the group
So in order not to spoil the fun of the others, i take care of him myself loh.

But thank goodness, after the end of the day.
Both of them are alright, no puking, no crying, no noise.
Both of them just quietly sleeping on the cab, while i send them back home.
As long everyone is happy and things going on smoothly
I guess my angry will be subsided as well.

Hope the drunken babies see my blog, and remember what i told u guys last nite.
If u think u cant drink or dun feel like drinking
but still got people pushing u to drink, just summon me.
I love to drink, and i seldom drunk.
Pls pls pls dun make me another nanny again. =P