When u go to certain places, u r new to the places
and yet u feel that this a the kinda place that u will love.

The atmosphere, the environment, the feelings in the heart.
U don’t mind to come to this place more than often per week,

U had cried, U had laughed, U had found a place that suit your heart.
But no matter where this place can be,
It is still bounded within this World, and this World is surrounded with Hatred, Loves, Jealousy and much more.

Rumours about yourself, about others.
Will be flowing water, blowing wind.
Find their way towards your ears, and flood your mind with all this information.

Well, seems like knifes and scissors, forks and spoons.
Had found their way towards my back.
Some are aware of it, some actually thought they saw it with their own eyes
Some even believes that they had tasted it.

But I believes that things will come to an end, and MIST will clear out to show me my brightening PATH
So, things will still be as normal.
But i will take extra precaution in case next thing that came to my back, maybe not be any normal sharp objects
But may turn out to be chainsaw or even SAR21, Sniper Rifle.