020109, Friday

First day of school, everyone is very Gan Chiong for the BIG DAY.

Everybody inside the staff room is rushing here and there, towards the PCs, Printers, Teachers’ table, swimming to and from staff room and General office.

Still got a lot of things to settle, but im glad that I can stay in the school still to complete the rest of my 6 months.

Spend almost 3hours, from 1pm till 330pm to complete my Weekly Lesson Plan and my Daily Lesson Plan (Onli for one day, I still got few more days to complete)

Now left 30min to take a break before I go for my lesson for the day.

Gonna take a break before I actually collapse infront of my children for the next 6 months

Back from the class, took the face picture of every student in the class.

So that I can make my own name list accompany with their pictures beside, or else I got problem remembering each and everyone of them.

Then for the lesson, I was playing Name Game with the kids, basically just calling out their name, wanting them to response to my calling, like raise hand up once name is called.
And from such action, I was able to remember about half of the kids name already.

I believes that I can do better than last time.

Few more things I realized, I need to buy new stuff for myself.

  1. New Black leather shoes
  2. New black or dark color pants
  3. a few pairs of black socks
  4. a new belt
  5. A New Watch (really new, since I din wear a watcht all since when im P3
  6. And a small bottle of perfume so I can bring it to work.

 Ok, now going for Flag-lowering ceremony which means end of the day.
Weekend is not going to be so weekend for me, gonna rush out the WLP for the next 2 more weeks.
Or else i will be too busy to do these report at all.