Today I had a hard time going out handling a 4yo kid. A young boy at the age of 4yo, emotionally I attached to the mother and happen that I’m the Foster Father of this particular boy.

Children @ 4-year old, I trust that everyone in this world would have agree with me. Children at such young age, their first priority in their mind will be the attention of the parents. & children with such mindset would do anything to grab the attention of their parents, no matter is good items or bad actions, as far as the limit that they can do it they would do it.

But usually when parents or shall I say “We”, will only pay attention to kids when they did wrong things no matter is scolding or just plain comments, the kids take it. Why? For a few reason.

1.       They don’t understand fully what did the parents said, but they are aware that the attention of the parents if focus on them for that moment.

2.       Children at such age, don’t really understand what is Right, what is Wrong.

3.       Parents in order to save the trouble, would simple grab the children into their hugs and looking them into the EYE (that is attention grabbed btw)

And usually friends, relatives or even grandparents will do usually?

·         “Sayang saying, don’t cry don’t cry, good boy good girl don’t cry de.”

·         “Can u just shut up!!”

The 2 reactions mentioned above, we mean it to be doting or discipline the children but to the kids?

“YES!!! Finally someone is paying attention to me. Definitely someone/the one I want will pay attention to me, hug me or sayang me to make me feel happy.”

To all my friends and parenting adults out there, yes, that is what the children are thinking about. Apparently the children is very innocent/naive, they only think about the normal routine course of action coming up but they do not known what are some of the alternative option will pop out.

Doctors and most of the people, what are some of the advice we will give when we encounter such situation. Well, they simply ignored the children’s whining and shouting. Why? Because we believes that as long we don’t react to their actions and reverse the predicted course of action by the kids, the children will stop their whining and be quiet. Maybe most of the situation will become such way, but minority will not be, the kids will carry on with their acts and made the adults around to be either annoyed or angry. But the around-by passer-adults won’t be angry at the children, their inner voice of anger usually arrowing at the parents on the spot, either the Father or the Mother.

Actually I was suppose to do a assignment about my principal of how to educates Children with Special Needs. And I was cracking my head, draining my brain juice and killing my brain cells to make it done, but still no ideas come to my mind. I even have the thought of faking a essay that actually suits the heart of the lecturer and goes against my inner sense. After tonight’s outing with my Foster-Son, the ideas had come into my mind, and please, I not hinting that my Foster-Kid is a child that requires Special Care. No and definitely no, but I had sense a theory in my mind and ideas had came into my empty skull for me to revived and work hard again tonight.

So Sunday, 1st November 2009, I’m going to burn midnight oil to do my work. As a educator, I shall make sure the essay coming out warm and fresh which is going to be submit on Monday (Yes, the next day) will be my true idea and my main philosophy for educating Children of the future, and to all mainstream, regardless of Who they are, What they are and Which they are.


Luke Walker, 白龙魔界神龙