Dun give me the “FUCK OFF”, I dun ever use the 4-letter words on someone or people close to me. And yet it’s shower on me bcos of concern & caring towards someone close to me.
It’s a taboo to me as I didn’t ever use any words that is bad towards anyone in my life unless they are less than friends.
I had enough of all the so-call appreciation while mine is not take into consideration. Life is not easy & yet my life is not easy neither the weekdays nor the weekends, I must put on a smiling mask to ENTERTAIN my partner to make the week joyful. What am I? A clown or a entertainer??? If I am one, I won’t be here standing infront of u.
Give some thoughts on the items that had done to upset me, I was never a angry baby until I’m forced to be one. Nite & sweet dreamssss…

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