UOB Banner Ad

Credited to: United Oversea Bank (UOB)

                        On Saturday afternoon, I went to United Oversea Bank (UOB) in Tampines. And chance upon this Ad on the wall, this inspired me to write a post, in related to Overseas Foreign Workers’ (OFW) in Singapore.

Most of us are aware that other than Foreign Talents (FT) flooding into the Singapore Land, we do have lots & lots of domestic workers, service crew, etc etc from oversea countries.
From documentaries TV shows, we do know most of them left their families members, such as their husband, children, parents & siblings and comes over to Singapore to earn and to provide food for them back in their hometown.


Photo from: http://technbiz.blogspot.com

  “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

So did you ever have the thoughts to not just providing them a job to earn a living, but to provide them with knowledge, the ability & power to let them learn, how to handle their cash on hand, how to handle their finance, how to start a small business back in their hometown.

Currently, most of our domestic workers spend their time/off day in places such as Raffles City, Lucky Plaza, and many others places to spend off their hard-earned money. But there are a portion of domestic workers treasured their limited time, signed up free course provided by Aski Global Ltd, funded by Citi Foundation, and training materials supply from Nanyang Universities Singapore (NUS).

Do you want to give a helping hand to them? By showing them there is a avenue for them, a channel out there for them to be pull out of poverty, is as good as giving the fisherman a fishing rod and a fishing line.
With your help, they can have their own business accompany with a stable income, in order to support their family and most importantly, they can lessen the time spend in Singapore and go back home for their families.

Would you like to give them a helping hands??