I am back from my In-Camp Training for the weekend. =)

Friday, 1st June 2012, I went with the whole COY for Combat Shooting Training.
The objective of the training is to attain Marksmanship for every single personnel, the details are not suppose to be out to the public but i guess most Singaporean NSmen are able to understand the flow of the whole event.
If you happens to be an foreigner, maybe you like to find out more from any friends from Singapore. But most females will not be able to know, as they did not serve the National Service before.

Well, basically the team was able to achieved the minimum requirement for the Day Event but the Night Event is much more challenging. We do failed at the first attempt and repeat it again, but I didn’t expect to be AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN.
(Yes! Its much more than i expected initially)
But with Perseverance & motivation from oneself and others, we managed to pull it through and hold the badge in our hands.

“People of mediocre ability sometimes achieve outstanding success because they don’t know when to quit. Most men succeed because they are determined to.” -George E. Allen

As a team, we hold on together. We did not blame one another for the low scores and performance, as we understand nobody is perfect and there are disadvantage and difficulties in Night Event. But we push it on, as we believes that the good points of individual will be able to replace and improve the flaws of the others.
We encouraged one another, giving positive remarks towards the improving score of each other, the spirit was high and definitely made the whole Event enjoyable.

“Those who believe they can do something are probably right – and so are those who believe they can’t.”

With the positive encouragement, we motivates each other with positive words, positive action, positive facial express. We keep one another up at their best, believing the next round would achieve marksmanship. Even we failed from time to time, we analyzed the problem behind each individual and generates ideas and methods to help one another out.
This is something that we can’t do it, if we are at the brink of giving up. As low morale spirits and low confidence would make us give up with all kinds of different excuse.

No matter what kind of situation or environment we are in, we must be motivated. Either self-motivating or to seek help from others for positive affirmation. And lastly perseverance must be in our mind at all times, no one can make us give up on our dreams, it is ourselves that make it happen at the end of the day.

Same comes with working in a foreign land, if you are an Oversea Foreign Workers’ in Singapore, you are here because you believes yourself and willing to make a difference for your family.
But how about yourself?? Have you ever bring yourself into the list of consideration as well??
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