The Sticker Lady

Since the Monday morning, there is a commotion over the Internet, you can see all kinds of headlines such as “My Grandfather Road”, “Free Sticker Lady”, “Sign Petition for Sticker Lady” and such.

This is due to a small issue happening in Singapore;
Police arrest 25 yr-old vandal who painted “My Grandfather Road” in several places across Singapore. She faces up to 3 years’ jail. (more details can be found @ ChannelNewsAsia)

I am wondering what is going on now? As there seems to be lots of voices coming from the Netizen and many more other places.

Some of the comments that I had saw over Facebook and such:

  1. The authorities think that such humour is more serious than drunk-driving that costs lives. That’s Singapore for you.
  2. This is art. Creative !
  3. din know is a crime to be creative…
  4. And so much for wanting Singaporean to be creative. And when we do, we get jailed. Irony much
  5. Awesome work~!! Government should pay her having created small surprises & smile on Singapore…….sad!
  6. ‎3 YEARS JAIL??? what country is this??
  7. Wrong priorities. Like the time they harassed the RGS girls for selling t-shirts with white elephants that mocked the Buangkok MRT station.

Can see that, many people are supporting her in the names of Art. When Singapore is trying so hard, spending big bucks to promotes ART in Singapore, The government seems to be killing off the talents with their own hands.

But some comments do defend Singapore’s stand regards to this issue:

  1. To be fair, in other countries, they are punished for vandalism when they get caught too, art or not, as long as they have no license or right to paint that wall.
  2. Anyone with good religious background (actually just need common sense & responsibility to their parents) will know that there is a place for everything. This is vandalism, is it not? Art yes. But how can something so right, beautiful be wrong? BeCause the artist did it the wrong way. As simplistic as that. I need maTure people heRe please!
  3.  Come on people, rules and laws like this are set in the interests of society. Anyone living in this society agrees to this social contract and anyone who breaks it has to take responsibility. If we allow so-called “talents” to go scot-free then how is justice equal? If justice is unequal then it has failed. And if unequal justice favours “talents”, then this is the beginning of a truly elitist society. Think, people. Its not that hard.

Okay, frankly speaking not much comments in that sense.

Now let us be logical in terms of thinking.
Yes, she did committed a crime of vandalising the public property so she deserve to be punish.
Yes, she did a great art work that earns a moment of laugh from some of us.
But what is her intention? What is the result of her actions?

Im not standing on either side, nor am i sitting on the fence. But i believes each side has their owning reasoning, but now the reasoning of both side starts from a different point, both look at the same issue from a different point of view.
So therefore conflicts happens.

Maybe, dear readers like to express their feelings as well?
As I would like to know more how every feel and what is your view.
Encourage to comment your great words to enlighten me.