The Problem with Giving in to the Urge to Please Everybody

An old story from the ancient India, may seems hilarious, may seems to be funny and illogical.
But in terms of the Real Life situation, the same old story seems to be repeating itself, everyday, every hour, every minutes, in all kinds of different form.

Personally, I am repeating the old story in different form everyday, at work, at home, within social circles, out in the eyes of the public, under the sky territory of my home country.

At work I have to work very hard, by means of keeping my eye balls on the computer screen. Working hard on finding multiple resolutions to the problems i faced at work place.
But frankly speaking, why some working culture of certain places have so much differences compare to another company, may not be under the same working field but could be under the same working field as well.
Are there someone or some people around us, their words change the working culture and working environment??
Did we try to pleases everyone or most of them, like the Old Man and Old Woman in the Old Story?

At home, do I need to elaborate anymore? All of us, no matter where you are, in which corner of the world, all of us have a role to play in the family.
As a Son, as a Brother, as a Father, as a Leader, as a Husband, as a Playmate etc etc etc…

Within the Social Circle which commonly know as Friends, most of us do not hold a single role only but holding a few roles as well, a Listener, a Joker, a Player etc etc etc.
But in order to please everyone, the usual prototypical system will be, try your best to be a MR NICE GUY, to appeal to every single one, to mingling  around and find some friends that connects to one another.

But overall, to act as someone or shall i define in another way, to ROLE PLAY someone else, and not being yourself is not the way to be true to oneself and people around.
Personally, I believes in Being One and the Only One, to be TRUE to others, as TRUE as how you are facing God.

Be yourself, and do what you can do, what you must do. To improve your life, to improve the life of the people around you.