Since a incident of Alex Ong, the man who pushes elderly woman off a bus during the weekend.
Over the YouTube, the footage of the actual incident is broadcast over the Internet. (YouTube Video).
Over the FaceBook, the bully Alex Ong, expressed his feelings over the incident, giving all of his reasoning behind over his actions. (Facebook Note)

But I am not here to judge anyone, not to defame Alex Ong or going against his reasoning. After all, I am not concern with his problem as he deserved it upon his own actions.



Now looking at the BIG PICTURE, recently years lately from 2000 A.D. onwards. The local society of Singapore seems to develop a rather lower tolerance level as compare to 20years back, and may even lower and worse than other countries (personal point of view)


I crossed upon the newspaper article over the Facebook in my friend’s photo album, and it strikes my mind.
Birth, Old Age, Sickness & Disease and lastly Death. These are the cycle of life which all of us will go through, most of us and maybe all of us.
Why the younger generation dislike, hated old folks, our elders so much?? Giving them names that associates with negative labels, giving them comments that does not sound nice, good or any positive at all.


Why not we put ourselves in their shoes? Think back when the days that when we are so young, naive and unable to do anything simple on ourselves, such as walking, tying shoes lace, eat a proper meal, going to school etc etc etc.
Our parents, our grandparents are the ones that guide us, taught us and forgive us whenever we make a mistake, no matter how small or how big it is.


The Society of Singapore may seems to be speedy pace, maybe seems to be busy at all times. But as a young adult, why we lost the compassionate heart and forgiving words that our elders had taught us over the years?
“家有一老、如有一宝”. Having a old person in a home is like owning a piece of treasure.
Seems like no one remember this phase at all, and don’t even understand a single bit at all.
Looking at myself, looking at the elderly folks around me, I would like to be with them as they have a lifetime of experience which will be relevant with my life. May not be relevant to fashion, music, arts and technology but in terms of a Life, how to live and how to manage your life is a life long of lesson which we could learn.


How do you treat the elders around you?