I’m back at 9 Maxwell Road MND Complex, making my way towards Holborn Consultancy, today is 12th June 2012, Tuesday, 6pm evening.

Currently, I am holding a position of IT Officer. And its all thanks to Holborn Consultancy that I am managed to hunt this job. Few weeks back, they called me up for 2 interviews. Over the interview, they conducted a Personality Test for me, to analyze on my career orientation. A recruit agency, headhunting consultancy that helps both employers & employees to find one another, to seek the right talent for the right position.

Now, I’m back at 9 Maxwell Road MND Complex, walking towards Holborn Consultancy. I am back here upon a dinner invitation, by the interviewee Mr Chan who had interviewed me previously.
Seems like his interested to find out how am I at work, on his hand. His holding 2 pieces of form, which he told me are the feedback form for me to complete.

Curiosity surely do caught me as I look at Mr Chan in amazed, but apparently, it a feedback form from me towards Holborn Consultancy. To evaluate the working environment where I referred to, and most importantly the level of satisfaction of me holding the job.

Holborn Consultancy, is surely doing their work at their best effort. They consolidate the collective data and make use of the data to help them work better in the near future, which is not widely practice by other recruit agency i known of.

After the completion of the forms, Mr Chan & me went to Maxwell Food Center for dinner. It is really fun talking to him, Mr Chan is really positive and motivated, and promised me the job that I am holding now will definitely be able to fulfill my dreams for my future, regardless of marriage, further studies and such.

Thanks You Mr Chan, Thank you so much, Holborn Consultancy.