Citi-Aski Overseas Workers Financial Stability Program 2012

On March 2012, National University of Singapore (NUS), a group of motivated oversea workers attended attended the Citi-Aski Overseas Workers Financial Stability Program held at the National University of Singapore (NUS)
Funded by Citi Foundation and led by Aski Global Ltd, the program educates the Overseas Foreign Workers’ (OFWs) in Singapore, for their future.


Hon Sui Sen Auditorium, NUS.

Our Senior Trainer and lecturers from NUS was busy preparing the set up of the auditorium, while our students registered outside before making their way in for lessons.

During the precious off day of these Overseas Workers, they didn’t waste their day away loitering in town, spending their hard earned money in unproductive activities.
They were able to see the program as a opportunity; a chance for them to gain new knowledge and skills in preparation for their dreams in the future.

During the lesson, they are impart with the knowledge of Financial Understanding, Financial Competency, Financial Responsibility.
The entire lesson went by smoothly, while being peppered with jokes and laughter to give it a more light-hearted approach. Our trainers enjoyed the day as well imparting their knowledge as well.

At the end of the lesson, everyone of our Overseas Workers received a gift from Aski Global Ltd as well. which was a little dragon figurine coin bank.

And with their creativity, passion and the motivated mind of theirs, they decorated the dragon figurine piggy bank with their innovative ideas and creation.

By the program’s end, the overseas workers are equipped with more knowledge and skills, which in turn will prepare them for the dreams and future they want to achieve in life… which is ultimately, the goal to return home to their families and spend time together with them.


Aski Global Ltd is a non-profit organization, striving to educate and train Overseas Foreign Workers’ (OFWs) in Singapore, to pull them out from the poverty cycle, and achieve their dream futures as soon as they can.

The Financial Education Program is conducted bi-weekly. If you are interested, please refer to their website for more information.

And Aski Global Ltd has a Facebook Page, click Like if you like to show your support to the OFWs around you.