There are over 200 million Overseas Workers worldwide, Singapore alone has approximately 200 thousand Overseas Foreign Workers’ (OFWs).

Let us take a step back and think, put ourselves in their shoes before giving any negative labels or names.

  • If you have a choice, would you leave your family and work oversea?
  • If you have a choice, would you leave your home and stay in a foreign land?
  • If you have a choice, would you take up a job that underpays you and you are overworked
  • If you have a choice, would you be an employer or an employee?
  • If you have a choice, would you be a leader or a follower?


As a Singaporean, our environment is populated with Oversea Workers, at home, in the workplace, at leisure entertainment centres, at food eateries.  These Oversea Workers are humans too just like you & me. We are no different from one another.

The skin may come in different tones, the language could differ in accents, the lifestyle could be an eye opener to most of us. But do bear in the mind that the blood that flows in our veins are of the same color.


I do not understand the meaning and purpose behind discrimination and the motive in dishing out  negative comments and labeling by means of stereotyping. Black sheep appears in all places, but a single black sheep doesn’t represent the whole sheep herd.


They do not need any material from us and we can’t give them anything at all. The only few items they need from us are RESPECT, UNDERSTANDING and our HELPING HANDS which may grant them a much positive experience in a foreign land and even a better lifestyle back in their homeland.



Do as you would be done by others.
Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others do unto you

life is like a mirror, smile at it, and it gonna smile back at you . =)




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