I happened to view the “Caught in the Act” article on Singapore Stomp titled:

See teacher’s reply to rebellious Pri (Primary) school girl who scolded him with vulgarities on FB (facebook)

The article had accumulated 67 comments thus far, and is still piling up over the weekend. Within the comments, some kind-hearted soul managed to locate the Facebook account of this particular girl.

The status update is still open to the public, and open for all to see with their naked eyes.

Comments on Stomp Article

Most comments that I read over at Stomp seemed to be supporting the male teacher over his intention and are actively replying to the little girl.

There are some which advised the male teacher to ignore the child as she is still very young and naive; unaware that her act of posting such things on a new media platform can be as fatal as anything else in this world.

Personally, I understand the intentions of the teacher as I was once an Educating Officer as well. Hoping that through words and neutral comments the naive young lady may be able to learn, her action is incorrect in certain ways.

Comments on the Status Update

In an overview, the rest of the commentators seem to be classmates or friends of the young lady apart from the teacher, who is an adult. There are a few more adults as well, though I think most of them would have given up as those young boys and girls simply ignored their comments.

As a inquisitive person, I browsed through the profiles of the other young children. It seemed to me then that their profiles clearly stated their Primary School where they are studying at currently.

In my personal opinion, Singaporean young children range from seven years old to twelve years old. The action done by the young lady cannot be undone, and definitely unforgiving, no matter what is the reason behind it.

This issue may be a small one to some people. But if we go deeper into it and spend a moment to spare a thought on it, it reflects the current Singapore society.

Small Issue to a BIG BANG THOUGHTS

Let me review some of the thoughts that I had generated:

  • Disrespectful to Teachers
  • Illegal usage of Facebook
  • Post insulting status update about someone online Publicly
  • Usage of vulgar language openly
  •  Denial of the facts that she is a student, his merely holding the position of Educator which is nothing personal towards the young lady
  • Ignorance that a Chinese teacher only understands Mandarin and therefore will not be able to speak, write or communicate in English or other languages

These are just small issue – small pointers that most of us will come up with when we encounter such things publicly.
Now we shall review the after effects – the bigger issue that may trigger after a certain period of time:

  • The Stand & Position of Educators  is like building a house on top of a living volcano.
  • The moral values of the children in our society nowadays is getting from bad to worse.
  • People do not see matters in a bigger picture, thus they are unable to understand how it will affect everything in the long run term. They also tend to take things personally nowadays too
  • The lack of discipline and parental control in homes
  • The future of Singapore – is this the kind of people that we want to work with, t0 live with and be friends with?
  • Illegally registering a Facebook account, knowing that the Regulation of Facebook states that legally users must be 18-years old and above. It shows the lack of parental education at home.
  • The current education system –  is the management level focusing too much on academic results, therefore forfeiting the importance of moral education – which takes a long time – and the co-operative support between the school staffs and family members?
  • The turning rate of educational staff in Singapore, and why local Singaporeans do not have the passion to teach.
  • The discrimination towards an elder could simply mean the discrimination towards others in terms of race, sex, nationalities, education level and even societal status.

These are just some of the pointers that I could generate, but I believe anyone and everyone, from anywhere – not just limited to Singapore – will have better and even more ideas and definitely have their
own points of view as well.

What is going on in Singapore? Is this what we really hope to see in the near future?

Maybe you would like to leave your comments, to share your opinions and views and enlighten me.