Credited from Profilogy Article:  Help the Top Performer to Fit In.


Keep your bottom line and team spirit up by developing the soft skills.

Your top sales guy bring in the profits but interpersonal skills leave much to be desired. His arrogance and other unsavory traits rub fellow colleagues the wrong way to the point that it brings down the morale of your workforce.

What do you do?

As an employer, you find yourself faced with this unfortunate dilemma: do you keep the toxic worker on your payroll because he plays a vital role in bolstering your bottom line or do you give him the boot for the sake of the team spirit?

There is, however, a third option: find a way to develop your toxic star’s interpersonal skills so you don’t have to forgo the financial harvest he brings.

Here’s how you can turn your top performer into perfect employee who masters both technical and soft skills.

Find out what is missing.

First, observe how your star performer relates to others. This way, you can pinpoint exactly which interpersonal skills he lacks and devise a way to deal with it. Speak to your employee in confidence about the situation and discuss the options available to him. Then, push for the next tip: training.

Provide Training Opportunities

After determining which specific skills he is missing, you can send him off for one of the multitude of training and development workshops available these days that help people hone their soft skills. Your company may even be able to enjoy government subsidies on the training cost.

Monitor and Offer Feedback

Training alone won’t do the trick. This is the time to observe your employee even closer. Has the training improve the way he interacts with co-workers? Take the time to talk to him about his progress in this area and provide constructive criticism on ways he can improve on, if need be.

Reward Progress

Change is not easy and if you see your employee making the effort to improve. Offer verbal recognition as well as find other tangible ways to reward him. This is important as it will motivate him to keep going.

Be a Role Model

Ultimately, there is no better way to inspire change than by leading by example. By watching you “walk the talk”, your employees will have more respect for you and it will be natural for him to want to emulate your strong suits. Witnessing your strong interpersonal skills as you interact with others and the results as you achieve through it will inspire them likewise.

There is hope yet for that toxic top performer in your office. People deserved a second chance and with the right training, motivation and some patience, he may just blossom into a model worker who turns in star performances while being a positive, pivotal force in your company’s culture – one who motivates everyone to greater heights of success.

Disclaimer: Article by Ronald Lee. Adapted from The Straits Times, Monday, May 28th 2012