Starfish – Every Effort Counts

There is once a land, very far away. In this land, there is a beach with beautiful blue sky and glimpses of the sunlight being reflected from its white sand.

The gravity between the Moon and Earth creates the miracle of high and low tides along the sea coast. Every day during the low tide, the beach will be scattered with millions of starfish filling up the whole coast. Under the scorching sun, these starfishes become dehydrate and eventually die.

One day, at this time, a young man is strolling along the coastline. He bends down to pick up a starfish and throws it back into the sea. From then on, the young man does the same action continually while walking.

 There is a young girl behind the man; she is watching him repeat the same action all the while. Her mind is puzzled and is curious about the motive behind the young man’s action, so she picks up the courage and asks him, ”What are you doing?”

 “To save the starfish, just like what you have seen me doing,” the young man calmly replies.

 The young girl laughs out loud in amusement. “There are so many starfish along the beach; at least half a million or so.  How are you going to save every single one of them? It doesn’t make any difference at all!”

 The young man did not retaliate her mocking; instead he picks up another starfish and throws it back into the sea. Then he looks at the girl before making his conclusion:

 “Now it makes a difference to that particular starfish.”

 The young girl is rendered speechless, as she looks on at the young man while he resumes throwing the starfish into the sea.


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