Nelson Mandela (Aurthur of “Long Walk to Freedom”)

Not everyone in this world is fortunate  enough to born with a silver spoon, only a few will have the luck.

Among others, there is probably about 30% of them who stay within the medium range – making ends meet with a slight margin of savings in their bank accounts, under the pillows, in their cookie tins under the bed and so on.

Then there is the other 30% that earn their living with the right amount of finance in hand. Those that can’t really save – even if they manage to – they have to be very thrifty in their daily expenses.

The rest of the percentage, unfortunately will land up in the range of poverty or absolute poverty. Which means they are not earning enough to make ends meet, may not have a single proper meal in a day. On top of that, they do not have the luxury of owning IT gadgets such as computers, smart phones, Internet or even attaining basic education.

If people within the poverty cycle are not able to earn enough, there are limited options for them within the countries they live in. Hence, some of them leave their families behind to travel to a foreign country to earn their living. They traveled for their families, unwillingly and definitely not of personal reason for oneself.

In a foreign land, they are working extremely hard, perspiring with their hard work, hearts bleeding as they miss their families who are more than thousand miles away.

Yet, the people in this land treated them unfairly with discrimination, negative labels and inequalities,  airing their unhappiness over different platforms such as social media platforms, by blogging and even making verbal remarks.

Therefore organizations such as Aski Global Ltd are stationed in foreign countries, stretching out their helping hands to the Overseas Foreign Workers’ (OFWs).

These non-profit organizations believe in education. Aski Global Ltd, for instance, educates the OFWs in terms of Financial Education and Basic Entrepreneurship which instils in them the ideas of correct saving and spending habits, which, in turn encourages them to start their own business back in their  homeland. The cost of the courses is very low and could even be conducted free of charge.

The goal of the Aski team is to pull the OFWs out of the poverty cycle so that they can go back home to reunite with their families as soon as they want.

Success happens not by chance, but by choice. It takes a single step to start on the journey of a thousand miles, and that first step can be done by the OFWs, their friends around them or even their employers in the foreign land.

It may sound crazy to complete a journey that long, but every step is an effort, and  every effort counts together, accumulates to become a castle at the end of the journey.

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Aski Global Ltd is a non-profit organization, striving to educate and train Overseas Foreign Workers’ (OFWs) in Singapore, to pull them out from the poverty cycle, and achieve their dream futures as soon as they can.

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