Do not let the burdens in life weigh you down

In the hot sun, a young adult male went on a long journey for months to seek out Master Wu. All the while, he was carrying a big luggage behind his back.
When the young man met Master Wu, he said, “My master, loneliness, pain and sorrow are always in my heart. The long journey has drain my energy to the limit.”



Master Wu looked on at him peacefully and did not utter a single word. The young man carried on talking. “Master Wu, the pair of shoes that accompanied me for the journey is torn as the rocky road has cut my feet. My hand is in pain and blood keeps flowing out of the opening like a running river. My throat is dry after all the screaming and shouting for help.”

“Master, can you tell me why I could not find any glimmer of light inside my heart and soul?” the young man pleaded.

This time round, Master Wu asked, “Inside the big luggage behind your back, what is in there?”


“Items that are very important to me, Master,” the young man replied. “Inside are the worries and troubles that I have accumulated whenever I experienced pain when I fell; tears when I am hurt; the worries when I am alone. These are items that have supported me to come here to look for you, Master Wu.”



Master Wu held the young man’s hand and brought him over to the river bank. They rented a small boat and crossed the river. When they reached the river shore opposite the bank, Master Wu said, “Now carry the boat onto your back so that we can continue our journey.”

“What? Carry the boat for the rest of the journey?” The young man was in shock. ”The boat is too heavy for me, how can I take it along?”


Master Wu smiled and nodded. “The boat is useful when we are crossing the river. After that we must leave the boat behind and move on with our journey, else the boat will become a burden. Pain, sorrow, loneliness, disaster, tears – those are the essential items in our lives. However, they can also improve someone’s life in terms of characteristics and personality. If you hold on to them too tightly and not let go, they will become the burden in one’s life. “


Master Wu cuddled the young man’s head. “My child, you must let it go as life does not have the capacity to hold onto too many heavy burdens.”


The young man left his luggage on the shore and continued on with Master Wu. Along the way, he realized his pacing was picking up and his heart seemed to feel lighter. Compared to previously, he was moving faster and definitely feeling much happier. That was when they young man realized: life can be carefree like the birds in the sky, the dancing leaves in the wind, the fishes swimming in the water.


Let it go, and moves on



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