Older woman argues with younger woman over priority seat

A couple of weeks ago, we witnessed a case of a youth being disrespectful to an elderly in the bus. This week, we witnessed a different story in a different setting.


Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) is one public transport that most of us utilize for various reasons. In order to promote a sense of care & concern in the society, there are priority seats indicated especially for the elderly, pregnant ladies, the handicap and adults carrying a baby.

Over the years, we have heard stories and perhaps even seen it with our own eyes about “sleepers” in the train. In particular, those seated on the priority seats will shape shift into “sleepers” almost instantly whenever they see any fellow passenger that fits the priority seats criteria.
However, seldom do we hear cases about such a UNIQUELY SINGAPORE drama, and this has stirred up massive curiosity amongst all Singaporeans. Most of us – myself included – don’t know the exact details thus I would not jump to conclusions with regards the topic.

From the bits and pieces of the conversation recorded in the video (click here to view video), I can only make out certain information which I believe would not be entirely true.


The drama may have gone this way (in my personal opinion):

The older lady boarded the train with tired legs and  a bag full of necessary groceries, hoping to find a seat to rest on her trip back home. She stood in front of this young lady who was seated on the priority seat, hoping that the girl would take her own initiative to give it up. Instead, the young lady ignored her and fiddled with her phone all the way. Eventually the old lady gave in to her fatigue and requested that the young lady get up from the priority seat.



The young lady gave up the seat with a snoop face (apparently she didn’t appear glad at all, and obviously whoever saw her face won’t be happy as well). Therefore negative emotions crossed fire and such “chemical chain reaction” occurred.

The scolding, the insults, the cursing and swearing came from the old lady, whom most of us would take it that she is not that old and such.

The young lady intended to ignore her scolding, insulting, cursing and such. But how much can a person tolerate before it becomes too much?



She  then reacted by pointing her finger when the old lady attempted to take her photo in public. This was followed by The Stare of Medusa Eyes of Petrification , before retaliating with a loud, high-pitched scolding to counter the old lady’s curse charm.


Overall, it is pretty much like a drama. We don’t see that everyday.

But at times like these, my advice would be:

  • Don’t jump to conclusion.
  • There are always hidden matters behind the parts that is not capture by the phone.
  • There is no absolute right or wrong; both have faults in some ways.
  • The reaction they decided to use as a course of action, defined the outcome as well.



In the near future, such drama could occur around you as well. The people involved could be anyone – a stranger, a friend, your family members, or even between you and your partner. Usually, our minds are automatically programmed to divide the ABSOLUTELY RIGHT party and the ABSOLUTELY WRONG party.
Worst case scenario: we listen to only one side of the story without finding out the story on the other side of the coin.


  • Should we be more considerate?
  • Should we be more careful with our words?
  • Should we be more caring for one another?
  • Should we be more conscious on the actions we take towards someone, be it a familiar person or a stranger?


Do express your thoughts. Perhaps you can share your stories with me. I would like to learn more from people around me.