In the Central Business District of Singapore, there is an young man working very hard in an office within one of the tall and prominent buildings. As he looks out to the city scape, his cheeks begin to spread and a smile forms. The young man’s name is Alex.

Since the day he started working in that office, Alex has been working very hard to reach the management level. Today, sitting back in his comfortable chair in his own office room, he is contented in having his own space and free time in hand.


“Ring! Ring! Ring!”

Alex picks up the phone. It is the General Manager on the other line. After a brief moment on the phone, Alex’s smiling face morphs into sadness.
The company has decided to send Alex to China for an overseas business project, which would earn them a revenue of a few million. Alex is glad that he is appointed for such an important task but there is one particular issue that concerns him – he hates traveling overseas. Most of the cases he has handled are in Singapore and he has hinted to the management level above him not to appoint him for any oversea projects.
However this time around, Alex has no other choice as the project is really important for the company and most of them believe he is the best candidate to close the case.


Alex becomes frustrated for the day and hence, could not concentrate on his work at all. His mind is filled with negative thoughts of going overseas, and all the hassles and troubles he has to handle.

Suddenly an idea forms in his mind. He went over to the office of his best friend, Tom. “Good day dude! What made you come here? Thought you should be busy preparing for the business trip?” Tom asked.

“Dude, I’m afraid I can’t handle this alone. So can I request that you take over my place? Or, at the very least, accompany me for the trip,” is Alex’s reply.


Tom has known Alex for years; since 16 years old to be precise. So he understands Alex the most, and he can make out the rough idea for Alex’s suggestion.
“No problem dude, I can accompany you to China! It has been a long time since I had a short vacation anyway. But you must promise me a few things before the agreement is set.”


Alex asks,”Come on! Just give me your terms and conditions. I will take it no matter what it is.”

Tom smiles and hands him a glass of lukewarm water. “Firstly, I can’t help you eat your three meals, so you have to do it yourself. Secondly, I can’t help you to answer the call of nature, so you have to do it yourself. Finally, I can’t help you sleep to rest your body and mind, so you have to do it yourself.”



Tom looks at Alex in the eye. “As long you can agree to these terms and conditions, I will have no problem accompanying you.”

At that instant, Alex remains seated for a moment. Thoughts are running in his head, and his mind seems to have come to a stop. Eventually, Alex stands up and walks towards the door.

“Thanks dude, you know me the best! I will get the project closed for us.”


There are many things in life which no one – not even your partner, not even your best friend, not even your family members – can do it for you. You have to do it yourself and be positive. The basic needs of a human being will not be able to be done by others; only you yourself can do it.

The same principle goes with events in life – if you don’t make the first step, if you don’t do it yourself, success will never come to those that have no actions at all.



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